To the voters of Washington County.

I ask that you vote for Otto Hanak for Washington County Sheriff.  Because I have worked as a prosecutor for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of members of law enforcement.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with men and women from agencies, departments and offices all over Texas, from various parts of this country, and even abroad.  That includes every kind of person, personality, and character imaginable. 

Now, you, the citizens of Washington County, have the opportunity to elect as your Sheriff that exceptionally rare breed of man who possesses all of the qualities you could ever desire as the leader of your law enforcement agency. 

Otto will be a Sheriff who isn't running just to attain an elected office; he is running because he truly cares about your community and for all of the people who live in Washington County, no matter their backgrounds.  Otto will be a Sheriff who is comfortable making the tough decisions and who knows how to handle the power that comes with the job; he is a man who is always professional, courteous, and respectful to everyone he encounters.  Otto has spent his entire life in law enforcement and knows the value of proper training and professionalism and understands the law as well as any lawyer in the State of Texas; he will abide by that law, he will always do what is right and he will always serve you proudly. 

Please vote in the primary election for Otto Hanak for Washington County Sheriff.  

Kelly Siegler

My name is Earl R. Pearson, retired Chief of the Texas Rangers, and I served the fine citizens of Washington County as a Texas Highway Patrol Sergeant and Texas Ranger in Washington County from 1987-1992.  During my time of service, in what I still consider the best county in Texas, I was able to make long lasting friendships with many Washington County citizens and I am proud to say many of those friendships I still maintain today.  Serving as a law enforcement officer in Washington County was the highlight of my 30 year career with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In August of 1992, I promoted to Texas Ranger Lieutenant and was transferred to Waco.  It was there that I met a Trooper named Otto Hanak.  The two of us had many conversations concerning the Texas Rangers and it was apparent to me that this Trooper was well suited for the Texas Rangers.  Trooper Hanak took the promotional exam, promoted to Texas Ranger Sergeant and was stationed in Palestine.  Sergeant Hanak was one of my subordinates.  In supervising Sergeant Hanak, I was able to immediately see that he was self motivated, possessed initiative and took pride in completing each and every one of his investigations.  In November of 1996, I promoted to Texas Ranger Captain and was stationed in Houston.  Soon thereafter, Sergeant Hanak called and informed me he was interested in transferring to Brenham.  I was delighted to do all that was necessary in getting his transfer request approved.  Sergeant Hanak received his transfer to Brenham and I was again one of his supervisors.  Sergeant Hanak continued to perform all of his duties at the highest levels. In September of 2001, I was promoted to Assistant Chief of the Texas Rangers and in May 2004, I was promoted to Chief of the Texas Rangers.  These promotions required me to be stationed in Austin.  During this time, Sergeant Hanak and I maintained our professional and personal friendship.  I am proud to say that he is still my friend today.                          

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Otto Hanak as the next Sheriff of Washington County.   As a 30 plus year veteran of law enforcement, I can say without any reservations, that Otto is uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of Washington County in the position of Sheriff.  Otto constantly exhibits an extremely high degree of ethical and professional behavior both as a law enforcement officer and as a citizen.  He is the definition of Integrity, Courtesy, Service and he will be accessible, efficient and effective when dealing with each and every citizen of Washington Countyand this State.  Without any reservations I say, “The fine citizens of Washington County will benefit greatly by electing Otto Hanak to the position of Sheriff, Washington County.”   

Earl Pearson, Texas Ranger Captain, Retired

To the citizens of Washington County,

I have worked with and known Otto Hanak many years. He is a dedicated, articulate individual who possesses the versatile qualities that would exemplify an outstanding Sheriff. He has demonstrated excellent investigative and people skills; always seeking the truth and facts of each investigation he has conducted. His rapport with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies has always been excellent, which has enabled him to excel in his chosen profession. Washington County could not find a more qualified, good person to serve as their Sheriff.

James L. Miller
Texas Rangers Assistant Chief, Retired

To the Citizens of Washington County,

Please accept this as my endorsement for Otto Hanak for Sheriff of Washington County.  I have known Otto since 1986 when he and I served as Texas Highway Patrolmen in Bell County.  Later on, we were both promoted to Texas Ranger and we continued to serve the citizens of Texas until our retirement. (I retired in 2009)

I have always known Otto to be of the finest character and integrity.  Otto is hard working, diligent and tenacious.  Otto is tough...but fair and that is a combination that is all too often rare in this business.  As Washington County Sheriff, Otto will bring these traits and his work ethic to serve the citizens in such a way that I believe will make everyone proud of the Sheriff's office.  Under his leadership, the resulting effect will be a higher level of professionalism and overall safety to the citizens.

I am confident that Otto Hanak would be honored to serve as Washington County Sheriff.....I can assure you that I'm honored to have him as my friend.


Matt Cawthon, Texas Ranger, Retired


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Otto Hanak for Washington County Sheriff Campaign 2012 - Treasurer: Vicki Hanak